ATA Commands: ACS-4 Seminar (2.5 Modules)

– KnowledgeTek is pleased to offer our ATA Commands course. This new course focuses on the commands and feature sets of ACS-4. Engineers and practitioners will be presented with this information in an easily understood format to aid them in the use of this technology. You will find this new course helpful in your development and analysis efforts.

Overview, Protocols

General Feature Set
Execute Device DiagnosticsIdentify Device

Set Features

Data Set Management

Download Microcode

Flush cache

Read/Write Buffer

Read/Write DMA/Sectors

Write Sectors

Write Uncorrectable EXT

Zero Ext

Power Management Feature Sets
Power Management Feature Set
Power-Up in Standby
Advanced Power Management
Extended Power Conditions

Logging Feature Sets

General Purpose Logging
Device Statistics Notification

Security Feature Sets
Security Feature Set

Other Feature Sets
Native Command Queuing Feature Set
48-bit Feature Set
Sense Data Reporting
Software Settings Preservation
Long Logical Sector
Long Physical Sector
Free Fall Control Feature Set
Streaming Feature Set
Trusted Computing Feature Set
Write-Read-Verify Feature Set
Data Set Management (TRIM)
Packet Feature Set
CFA Feature Set
Accessible Max Address Configuration