CXL™ (“Compute Express Link™”) (Two 2.5 Hour Long Modules)

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-“Compute Express Link™” (CXL™) is a new breakthrough high-speed CPU interconnect that enables a high-speed, efficient performance between the CPU and platform enhancements and workload accelerators.” From website

CXL is intended to unite various devices through an efficient shared memory and/or shared cache. Physically locating cache

and memory on the device that will use it, while maintaining coherency with processor memory will increase performance on the high-end processing systems. In addition CXL will run on PCIe-5 or higher, targeted for 16 lanes, but will work with fewer development and analysis efforts.

KnowledgeTek’s course includes the following subjects:

PCIe Prereq for CXL (optional) 
PCIe subjects required for understanding CXL
This section may change depending on the needs of the attendees



Overview of CXL connectivity, where it should add a large benefit, and where it may not add a benefit

     CXL terms

     Type 1, 2 and 3 CXL

     Host managed memory and Private Device Memory, CXL.mem, and  CXL.cache


Transaction Layer


     Host to Device Transactions

     Device to Host Transactions

     MESI States

     Home agent

     Flow diagrams



     Flow diagrams

CXL Power Management packet

Link Layer

     What they are




Block Diagram

ARB/MUX Link Management Packet (ALMP)


Flex Bus Physical Layer

Flex Bus vs. PCIe

Recognition of CXL capable devices

Mapping FLITs to lanes

TS1 and TS2

Bifurcation of links, Degraded Links


Control and Status Registers

Designated Vendor-Specific Extended Capability

CXL RCRB Base Register

Port Subsystem Component Registers

RAS Capability Structure


Power Management

Differences between PCIe power management and CXL power



Reset, Configuration, Initialization

CXL Resets

Review of CXL Configuration

Review of CXL Initialization