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Public Training Seminar Prices:

PCI Express (PCIe) and NVM Express (NVMe) Training Seminar:  $1,695.00

New 1 Day Classes:
NVM Express (NVMe) Training Seminar; SOPQl Training Seminar; SCSI Commands for SSD Training Seminar; ATA Commands: ACS-3 Training Seminar: $1,195.00

New 2 Day Classes:
PCI Express (PCIe) Training Seminar: $1,595.00

Serial ATA (SATA) & Serial Attached SCSI (SAS Plus) Combination Training Seminar(4 Days): $1,995.00

Serial ATA (SATA 3.2) Training Seminar(2 Days): $1,395.00

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS 3) Training Seminar(3 Days): $1,595.00

Solid-State Drive (SSDT) Training Seminar(2 Days): $1,595.00

Hybrid-Disk Drive (HDDT) Training Seminar(3 Days): $1,595.00

USB 2.0(2 Days): $1,395.00

USB 3.0 and UAS(1 1/2 Days): $1,495.00

USB 2.0, 3.0, & UAS (3 1/2 Days): $1,895.00







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