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Serial ATA (SATA 3.2 Training Seminar) Schedule for this course

4 Day Course: $1,995.00

SATA Plus Updated to SATA 3.2 and SAS Plus Updated to SAS-3:
Our existing course, which has been praised by industry experts for its content and delivery, has been updated to include the latest of SAS 3. New subjects include:, 6 Gbps SATA and 12 Gbps SAS, and Transmitter and Receiver Training in SAS. Existing sections of the course have also been upgraded to the new standards.

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS 3) is the logical evolution of SCSI. SAS addresses enterprise storage requirements for larger capacity, higher density, enhanced security, more scalability and easier accessibility, while offering the compatibility, reliability, performance and manageability of Parallel SCSI. Serial ATA (SATA) has become the dominate disk drive interface on the desktop and for new applications like “near line” storage. This 4-day seminar provides students with the most current SAS 3 and SATA 3.2 industry developments, directions and data necessary to be fully informed and abreast of the latest advances in these exciting technologies. Class participants will examine the development of SAS 3 and SATA 3.2 in storage solutions. Students will investigate the ability of these technologies to offer increased customer choice by allowing a single infrastructure to support both enterprise class SAS 3 drives and higher capacity SATA 3.2 drives for cost-sensitive applications. Students will examine both of these interfaces in detail at all architecture levels. This course is ideal for those seeking a detailed understanding of these new technologies, their workings, and the impact they will have within the industry.

DAY 1 - SATA Only

Serial ATA 3.2 Overview
Serial ATA 3.2 Concept
Shadow Registers
Frames & FIS
PIO Command Execution
DMA Command Execution
Flow Control
Serial Engine Overview

Link Layer
Link Layer Functions
Primitives & Primitive Signaling
8b/10b Encoding

Physical (Phy) Layer
Phy Layer Functions
Out-of-Band Signaling
Internal Transmit Path
Internal Receive Path
Cable Signaling Interface

DAY 2 - Finish SATA, Start SAS

Power Management
Requirement for Power Management
Interface Power States
Power Management Primitives
COMWAKE Signal Sequence

State Model Description
Requirement for Power Management

Host and Device Transport States
Link Layers States

Additional Topics
Error Handling Philosophy
First Part DMA
Port Multiplier/Port Selector

SAS 3 Overview
Why Serial Attached SCSI?
Links (Physical vs. Logical)
Ports (Narrow and Wide)
Physical Layer
Link Layer
Transport Layer

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 SATA logo

SAS Logo

DAY 3 - SAS Only

Logical Operation Overview

Physical and Phy Layers
Transmitter and Receiver Training
Physical Layer Functions
Single Port
Dual Port
Single and Multi-Lane Connectors
Driver/Receiver Electrical Characteristic

State Machines
Descriptions & Operations
Phy Layer
SSP Transport & Link
SMP Application, Transport & Link
SAS Link
Port Layer

Link Layer
Link Layer Functions
Primitives & Usage
Address Frames & Usage
Link Initialization
Power Management
Physical vs. Logical Links
SSP Connections
STP Connections
Error Handling

Port Layer
Over Control
Phy Manager
Timers & Controls

DAY 4 - Finish SAS

Transport Layer
Transport Layer Functions
SSP Overview
IU Sequences
IU Details
STP Overview
Initiator to Expander
Expander to Target
Flow Control
Buffering SMP Overview
Flow Control

STP Operations including Multi-Initiator
Expander Communication
Multiple Expanders
Latency Issues

Power Management
Command-Based Power Management
Link Power Management
Phy Power Management
Power Disable Power Management


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