Hugh Curley began his training work with PC type computers and peripherals and moved through PCI, PCI-X and now PCIe.

Hugh has worked with KnowledgeTek, Inc. since 1997 providing training to the Data Storage Industry in Fibre Channel, USB, SAS, SATA [including ATA Commands], SCSI [including SCSI Commands], PCI Express, SOPQI [SCSI over PCIe with PCIe queuing interface] and will shortly introduce a course on NVMe. In addition to authoring the above classes, Hugh has written the definitive book and reference manual on the SAS interface, “SAS: Beyond the Basics”.

Hugh has been an active member of IEEE and is involved with the T10 standards committee through KnowledgeTek, Inc. The KnowledgeTek clients that Hugh currently trains for include LSI, PMC Sierra, Hitachi, Micron, SANDisk, Seagate, EMC, Western Digital, NetApp, Samsung, Intel, sTec and others.

Hugh’s classroom attendees consistently rate Hugh’s presentations at the highest level, with comments such as “Very thoroughly and clearly presented!” “He answered all of my questions” and “Great training materials.”


Sobey is an internationally respected researcher, author, and lecturer. His specialty is matching signal processing, detection, and coding algorithms to new sensor technologies, especially for data storage. Large companies, start-ups, universities, national laboratories, government agencies, investors, and legal teams depend on his skills to examine, plan, and execute their utilization of the latest developments from the world’s R&D labs.

Chuck Sobey is Chief Scientist and founder of ChannelScience, a business and technology consulting firm, waveform analysis lab, and software (MATLAB® and C) development house for PRMLproTM, an advanced signal detection suite. Chuck has taught a variety of different technology courses for KnowledgeTek for more than 15 years, and is considered by all to be one of the finest presenters of technology training worldwide. Chuck is the author of the KnowledgeTek Solid-State Drive Technology courseware, and of a widely cited publication in the secretive world of data recovery, Recovering Unrecoverable Data.

Chuck is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter who rapidly delivers information and insight, while creating a comfortable, interactive learning environment in the classroom. He has taught literally thousands of data storage professionals and was honored to present the keynote speech at Diskcon’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the hard disk drive. This imaginative talk speculates on the techniques “digital archeologists” of the future might use to unlock the secrets of our civilization that will lie hidden in billions of discarded hard disk drive “artifacts.“

As a member of the Executive Committee of the annual Flash Memory Summit, Chuck advises, directs, and plans this premier flash industry event, held in Silicon Valley.



Terry Shrader has nearly three decades of experience with data storage. His resume includes tenure with some of the pioneering giants of the disk drive industry: Applied Magnetics Corp (AMC) and ISS in the 70’s; Shugart Associates and Quantum during the 80’s, and more recently with Syquest and Read-Rite in the 90’s. Terry’s experience runs the gamut as well. He has designed heads and media for use in disk drives, managed teams doing head and media design, established and managed reliability testing labs, and most recently served as Director of Quality Assurance for Read-Rite Corp. He is intimately familiar with the design and manufacture of both recording heads and disk drives in both domestic and off shore settings. Terry holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Terry Shrader has presented a variety of classes on subjects dealing with the design and manufacture of disk drives and its components. He has a very informal and engaging speaking style and has the knack of being able to explain complicated topics simply and clearly.