Training Philosophy

Thank you for visiting  For more than 30 years, KnowledgeTek has been the gold standard in interface and data storage technical training classes.  During these three decades of training, we have learned that the best method for training is through instructor-led, live participation classes.  KnowledgeTek’s commitment to providing only instructor-led training is driven by our understanding of how most students learn: interactively, with subject-matter expert teachers. No other methodology combines the student group dynamic with onsite instructor involvement.

Throughout the years, we, and many others, have tried to replace the onsite instructor with a wide variety of internet based training systems, downloadable courseware and other schemes. However, these attempts have been, at best, marginally successful in providing usable skills to those participating.

Simply said; complex subject matter, such as KnowledgeTek teaches, cannot be absorbed and understood by most students without the real time participation in group interaction with an onsite subject-matter expert teacher.  When students attend a KnowledgeTek Technical Training Class, they are being taught by the instructor who wrote the textbook, who researches developments in the industry, who updates the textbook for each and every class, and who will customize the class at no additional charge.  Our practice of having the most up-to-date materials results in part from KnowledgeTek’s membership in the incits-T10 Technical Committee, the PCI Special Interest Group, the IEEE, as well as our participation in the Flash Memory Summit.

Our goal is simple: to deliver the highest-quality, most up-to-date technical training possible and to do it on your schedule, at your facility – wherever you may be.  You’ve worked hard to find and hire the best technical talent  Now, increase their impact by providing them with the best tools, including KnowledgeTek training.

Nicholas Kondur
President & CEO
KnowledgeTek, Inc.